ANDRA speakout regarding “A Current Affair” issue

As you may be aware, A Current Affair aired a story about hoons and dangerous driving on Monday June 22.

While at no time did the reporter or anyone involved in the story refer to the activity on screen as “Drag Racing” or the streets being used as a “Drag Strip”, it was disappointing to see a promotional video and ACA host Tracey Grimshaw continue to use “Drag Strip” in relation to the report.

When the initial promotional video was aired we began contacting A Current Affair producers and were successful in speaking with a producer from the show regarding our concerns. We also received written confirmation from the reporter, Reid Butler, that he was conscientious throughout the process of refraining from using any terminology referring to Drag Racing based on previous correspondence received from ANDRA Head Office and from members.

As always in these instances, we also extended an invitation to attend an ANDRA Championship event and a local off street meeting for a positive news story to show what ANDRA Championship Drag Racing is all about. This invitation was received favourably and Reid expressed an interest in exploring the opportunity further.

Rest assured when these reports occur, we are always in contact with the media outlet in questions on what constitutes our exciting high-powered Motorsport and the differences to illegal hooning/street racing/dangerous driving.

Media such as the current affairs programs will always err on the side of sensationalism but we need to focus our energies on promoting our brand of ANDRA Drag Racing, much like V8 Supercars is a brand, or NASCAR is a brand.

We will continue the dialog with Reid and A Current Affair to develop a positive story for the sport and will advise of the progress if and when that happens.