Drag club’s current position [2012]

Over four years has past since we went into negotiations with the Warrnambool City and Moyne Shire councils to use the former Koroit racecourse for our permanent facility however during the long drawn out process we’ve finally hit the brick wall. We’re basically back to square one again, neither the City or Moyne will commit to manage the site as a result the club will now have to explore other options.

The club is very disappointed that it took this long and only to come out of the negotiations empty handed due to all the red tape involved, if we knew this earlier we could of spent more worthy time on looking for another venue.

Fortunately our current venue (The Warrnambool Airport) has been our home come twenty years in 2013 however the club has been growing over the years and just is not suitable to the hold larger events we want to. The highlight of this problem we’ve been battling for years is that in the coming 24 months the airport will receive a grant to upgrade the run way we currently use for the drags, this means the purpose built launch pad will have to be destroyed to allow the upgrades and most importantly we will not be able to run the drag racing events while this is happening.

At this stage the club is currently looking for an alternative opportunity to share a site with either another sports group or a private landowner. The club has the funds to start construction and is confident an A-grade track would draw thousands of fans and competitors from afar.

To over come these problems the best thing the general public can do is become a member of the club as our strength will be in numbers to make the councils reconsider the demand.

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