No Prep Meeting Update

No prep drag racing not enough of a challenge for you?

Want to race your small tyre car up against a car in the big tyre class?

Well you can now enter your small tyre car in the big tyre class, including being able to enter small tyre and big tyre with the same car (just not big tyre in small tyre class!)

If you’ve already pre-entered in small tyre and wish to double up or switch to big tyre you can. We’ll honor pre-entry price for $150 for those who had already pre-entered.

Please note if you’re in both classes you do not get any extra qualifying runs, as this makes it fair for other entrants. As well as if you do enter both you must be able to hot lap your vehicle, we will have a DYO round between big tyre and small tyre so there is enough time to re-fuel etc.

We currently have 38 small tyre entries and 5 big tyre entries, we will not be releasing entrant names due to privacy reasons.

Entry ->…/no-prep-single-entry-pr…/

Entrant info will be emailed/text sent on Wednesday. Competitor entry forms will be available at the gate on the day – they’ll have your name on it.

We have been made aware that AASA have raised their licencing cost from $25 to $50 in the last few days, we are currently assessing a plan (TBA).