Go Racing

What you need to race

To race you’ll need a helmet and appropriate clothing (long sleeve and pants).

Event entry can be done on the day at the entry gate, some events have the ability to pre-enter online.

Once entering the venue you’ll be given directions to the pit area where you can park your race vehicle during the event, these are included in your entry fee.

You will need to have your vehicle inspected by a scrutineer, checklist can be found here. You will be given a race number which will be drawn on the front and side windows of your vehicle (if motorbike we have alternative numbers which go on your arm).

You must not enter the staging lanes without passing through scrutineering.

During the morning we hold qualifying until the lunch break which gives you heaps of time to have fun racing your mates and working out what times your vehicle runs. If you wish to be paired with a friend please let an official with orange flames shirts know and we can pair you to race your mate.

After lunch we move into the knockout rounds,  where you are asked to have a dial in ready – see here for example of dial in times. Dial in times is basically your own handicap. In knockout rounds if you dial in at 9.5 and the other lane is 8.5, you will be given a 1 second head start, you do not want to go any quicker than your dial in (this is called breaking out) but as close as possible. The person who runs closest to their dial in wins.

We try to push the rounds through as quick as possible so to help with this we ask you to be alert and ready to be called to the staging lanes, if you win we suggest you come to the red caravan with your vehicle to find out your next opponent at the same time you get your time card.

Before racing starts in the morning we have a drivers briefing at the red caravan, we go through basic rules and any drivers with questions ask them!

First time drag racing may seem a bit scary at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Below are a number of video tutorials explaining what to do in those situations, if you have any questions about racing or need a hand on the day our friendly volunteers are more than happy to help you.

The Tree and Staging


Tech Inspection

When you arrive at the race track you will be required to pass a scrutineers checklist, if your vehicle is registered on the road it shouldn’t have any major issues passing the check list.