Scrutineering Checklist

To pass scrutineering it must have the following done

If your vehicle has a remote kill switch (ignition kill switch) must be functioning and within reach whilst seated in the race vehicle, we may request a test during scrutineering to confirm that it works.

To race

You’ll need a helmet (see here) and the appropriate clothing (long sleeve and pants).

An extreme event licence is used to participate in extreme events such as burnouts, Go-to-Whoa, Drag Racing (specified events only), Power Skids, and Extreme Events, and other AASA Sanctioned events which specify an Australian Auto-sport Alliance Extreme Event licence in their supplementary regulations.

You can sign up online or on the day, it is $50 per year via Australian Auto-sport Alliance.

Fast or dedicated drag cars will need to be tech inspected on the day by an official like all entries (see AASA website for details regarding roll cage etc), if you hold an current ANDRA license and your car is current tech inspected this is enough to be covered by AASA which means you do not need a license via AASA.